Al Ghadeer is a serene residential community located at the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, offering a unique blend of tranquility and convenience. Developed by Aldar Properties, one of the leading developers in the UAE, Al Ghadeer is designed to provide a peaceful and family-friendly environment with easy access to both major cities. Here’s a detailed overview of what makes Al Ghadeer a distinctive and desirable community:


Al Ghadeer features a variety of villas and townhouses designed with modern architecture and functional layouts. These properties range from two to four bedrooms, catering to families of different sizes. You can also find apartments within a townhouse, also known as townhomes.
The community also offers a range of low-rise apartment buildings with units ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments.

Many UAE residents working in Dubai or Abu Dhabi prefer to stay in Al Ghadeer as it offers more affordable housing options and located in between 2 emirates.

The community is mostly populated by working expats from all over the world and offers lifestyle suitable for both: families and singles


Al Ghadeer is home to Al Ghadeer Charter Kindergarten, Dove Green Private School (British curriculum) and British Oak Montessori Kindergarten



Ther are no clinics inside the Al Ghadeer community, but Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital located within a short drive from Al Ghadeer


Al Ghadeer Community Centre features a variety of retail outlets, supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants, providing residents with convenient shopping and dining options.
Additionally, there are several local shops within the community that cater to daily needs and essentials.


Al Ghadeer is known for its lush green parks, landscaped gardens, and open spaces that promote outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle.
The community offers numerous recreational facilities, including swimming pools, fitness centers, sports courts, and playgrounds, ensuring residents have plenty of options for leisure and fitness.


Al Ghadeer’s strategic location at the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai offers residents the best of both worlds. It provides easy access to major highways, such as Sheikh Zayed road, Mohammed Bin Zayed road, Al Fay road making it convenient for commuting to both cities.

There is no public transportation though available in the community, so you will have to travel by car.


Al Ghadeer emphasizes sustainability with eco-friendly initiatives and green building practices. The community is designed to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable living.