Eagle Hills developers

Eagle Hills is a private real estate investment and development company based in Abu Dhabi. 

The company is headed by Mohammed AlAbaar,  founder and managing director of Flagship UAE dubai based developer Emaar Properties.

Eagle Hills was established in 2014.

Eagle Hills specializes in the development, creation and reinvigoration of urban centres. The company works in line with governments and policy makers to develop advanced city hubs and flagship destinations that look to energize and diversify local economies, create jobs, attract local and international investments and positively impact business and tourism. Al Maabar became a subsidiary of Eagle Hills in October 2014. Al Maabar, has major projects in progress in Morocco and Jordan with master-planned, mixed-use developments that are designed to regenerate communities and act as a powerful catalyst for economic growth.

The portfolio of the developer also includes projects in UAE (Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah)  Oman, Serbia and Morocco.



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