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Dubai Land Departments to fight fake ads

New electronic service Madmoun was announced by the Land Department in 2023.

It’s a new measure taken by the Land Department to fight with fake property ads on the portals.

The service will be effective starting from 24 April 2023 and accessible through Trakeesi system (an online portal offering a range of smart real estate services, such as permits for advertising, licensing services for real estate agencies etc.)

Now  you can all agencies will be obliged to have a QR code in all of their marketing materials and property listings that will allow to verify the authenticity and validity of advertisements and  will clean up the fake ads.

Earlier last year, Land Department implemented a mandatory e-contract A (between  Broker and Seller) that has to be crated through DubaiRest application in order to the listing to be verified on the portals.

That measure has significantly decreased the number of fake listings however agencies can still publish the listings without contract A (will not have a “verified” label)


Madmoun service to fight fake ads

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